The aim of the project is construction of a recreational area for people with conservation and restoration of disturbed biodiversity. The aim presupposes the fulfillment of the following tasks:

  • planting the used quarry with the plans typical for the area;
  • creation of land drainage on the utilized quarry;
  • creation of  a small arboretum on disturbed and restored lands;
  • placement of lichen population on limestone deposits for activating soil formation;
  • creation of water bodies for recreation;
  • placing hydrobionts;
  • construction of a climbing wall.

For the project development we will use the following methods:

  • investigation of biological species correlation in the quarry area;
  • determination of rock humidity, area classification according to subsoil humidity;
  • simulation of moisture movement on the rock mass of the inner slope
  • investigation of the conditions for intrusion of cognitive plants (in microarboretum);
  •  development of the artificial waterway project for over-the-surface flow collection and drainage;
  • investigation of the limestone strength properties for the climbing wall construction;
  • selection of sites for lichens and other protozoa placement;
  • selection of plant species for placement on the classified sites.

The project will be developed from May to September 2012 and implemented after the completion of the quarry exploitation.

The project will be realized by the group of students of Tula State University.

In the result of the project implementation the relations between flora and geological environment on disturbed land will be restored and maintained. The quarry will become an interesting landscape and will be used for recreation. The company will save money on back-fill and can get additional income from arranging competitions on the climbing wall.

Biological diversity will not only be restored but may also increase.