Praptisih et al (2012) described that at Kromong location, as Palimanan Quarry found massive corraland fossilof foraminifera and red algae. Based on the previuos research, it was suggested that the area could found several indigenous prokaryotes (bacteria) potential such as arsenic-tolerant bacteria for hydrocarbon bioremediation agent, phosphate solubilizing bacteria and photassium solubilizing bacteria for used as friendly environmentalfertilizer (biofertilazer) for Plant that grown on quarry reclamation land. Therefore, the objective of the research to isolate indigenous of arsenic-tolerant bacteria, phosphate and potassium solubilizing bacteria from carbonate soiland limestone at Kromong location, Palimanan Quarry lndonesia


Methods :

The methods of the research are divided as :

  1. Determine sampling location at Komong area, Palimanan Quarry based location of Praptisih et al. (2012)
  2. Soil sampling from subsurface (0-15 cm) (Aksornchu et al. 2008)
  3. lsolation of phosphate and potassium solubizing bacteria from soil (Han & Lee 2005)
  4. lsolation of arsenic tolerant bacteria from soil (Aksornchu et al. 2008)
  5. Molecular identification of potential bacteria (arsenic tolerant, phosphate and potassium solubizing bacteria) (Marchesi et al. 1998)
  6. Experimental design of application of the bacteria for land reclamation in laboratory and green house


Added Values :

The added values of the proposed research are:

  1. New information of biodiversity of the indigenous arsenic tolerant, phosphate and potassium solubizing bactaria from Palimanan quarry. lt can be published at national acredited journal and international journal (Scopus lndexed or impact factor)
  2. Phosphate and photasium solubilizing bacteria can be used as biofertilizer or friendly environmetal fertilizer for stress environment such quarry area.
  3. Arsenic tolerant bacteria can be used as hydrocarbon bioremediation agent
  4. The potential bacteria can be used in formulation for application and proposed to patent (intelectual right property)