A team of professional artists and landscape architects will offer an on-site course for  local design students to collectively develop a series of interpretive nature trails and new habitat gardens for post-operation areas of Kavtiskhevi Quarry, Republic of Georgia. Kavtiskhevi is a dry, north-facing quarry located on the slopes of the Mtkvari River valley, 90 minutes from the capital, Tbilisi. The project aims to create dryland gardens using materials on site such as stones and aggregate gravel at varying grades that will host plant species adapted to the quarry conditions. It will identify key drainage points and design ways to channel runoff to build new micro-habitats and ephemeral pools to increase biodiversity in significant areas. The trails will fuse nature, art, and engineering into an aesthetic and educational experience for visitors. The project will feature sculptural installations that negotiate grade changes and mark overlooks, as well as creative and informational signage about the biologically diverse species and habitats of the area. The trails will provide safe access to the post-operation landscapes, and provide views to the operational portions of the quarry.