We had another great day at the Cadomin Limestone Quarry this past Saturday, April 21st. After a quick meeting at the fRI Research office, we headed south down to Cadomin. Although temperatures were around 6 degrees Celsius, there was still plenty of snow at the quarry! We parked the truck and headed in to our two hair snag sites, set up two weeks prior. There were no bear hair samples on the barbed wire, but we were not surprised. The local snow conditions would make it just a tough for bears to move around as it was for us. Slow and tiring! We refreshed the scent lure, tightened up the wires, and put fresh memory cards in our trail cameras. Once back at the truck, we inspected eagerly inspected our photos - had there been visitors at our sites during the past two weeks? Only one coyote coming in to investigate, and a few small mice darting around the bait pile! Hopefully with spring bringing warmer temperatures this week, we’ll get some evidence of the larger bodied mammals we’re looking for!