Dr. Nicola Kimm

Member of the Managing Board and Chief Sustainability Officer, Heidelberg Materials

Dr. Nicola Kimm is Management Board member and Chief Sustainability Officer at Heidelberg Materials, where she leads an organization covering ESG, Global Research & Development, Technologies & Partnerships and Innovation. She is driving the company’s path to sustainable construction and carbon neutrality. Nicola is also a non-executive board member at the investment company EQT AB and has previously held executive roles at Philips, Signify, CSM and BASF in Europe, Asia and North America. Her experience spans engineering, operations, EHS and communications in the electronics, chemicals, and food industries. She holds a PhD in Economics and Business Engineering, MSc and BSc degrees in Chemical Engineering and a BSc in Ecology.

Richard Grimmett

Director for Conservation, BirdLife International

As Director for Conservation, Mr Grimmett is responsible for the development and coordination of conservation programmes for sites and species, with a particular focus on ‘Preventing Extinctions’, ‘‘Seabirds and Marine’, ‘Migratory Birds and Flyways’, ‘Invasive Species’ and ‘Forests’. As well as being a member of the BirdLife senior management team, he oversees BirdLife’s work in Asia and the Pacific as well as with the private sector including the partnership with HeidelbergCement. Mr Grimmett was previously Head of the BirdLife Asia Division (1994 – 2007), and Head of the BirdLife European Division (prior to 1994) when he co-authored the first complete inventory of European Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) in 1989. He incidentally lives close to the Hanson-HeidelbergCement quarry at Needingworth, on the outskirts of Cambridge, UK.

Mr Grimmett has served as an International Jury member since the 2014 edition.

Dr. Carolyn Jewell

Global Biodiversity and Natural Resources Senior Manager, Heidelberg Materials

Dr. Carolyn Jewell has a PhD in Ecology from the University of York and a Masters in Wildlife Management and Conservation from Reading University. Her academic work focused on insects and their responses to climate change and habitat management regimes. 

Experienced in partnership projects between the extraction industries and nature conservation organisations, Carolyn started working for the Environmental Social Governance department at Heidelberg Materials in 2016. She supports the company in achieving its commitments towards biodiversity and represents HeidelbergCement in various business and biodiversity initiatives, sector associations and ecological restoration events.

After serving on the National Jury for the UK contest in both 2012 and 2014, Dr Carolyn Jewell joined the International Jury for the first time during the 3rd edition 2016.

Prof. Dr. Michael Rademacher

Professor for ecology and biodiversity of terrestrial and aquatic systems / Head of Master Degree Programme Environmental Sustainability,  University of Applied Sciences Bingen (Germany)

Prof. Dr. Rademacher brings 25 years of expertise in biodiversity management in mining sites, from mapping and monitoring to site rehabilitation and public – private partnerships. He holds a PhD in Ecology and is a specialist in plants, birds, grasshoppers, dragonflies, amphibians and butterflies.

Prof. Dr. Rademacher was the initiator of the Quarry Life Award contest and has served on the International Jury since the beginning.

Dr. Klára Řehounková

Board Member, Society for Ecological Restoration, SER Europe

HeidelbergCement is proud to welcome the judge, Klára Řehounková, for the second time to the international judging panel of the fourth edition of the Quarry Life Award. As a member of the working group “Restoration Ecology” at the University of South Bohemia, Klára Rehounková focuses on research in vegetation succession in various disturbed or degraded sites, especially in post-mining  sites. Furthermore, she is a SER Europe Board Member (Director at large).

Klára was team leader of the Grand Prize winning project of the Quarry Life Award 2012 Edition.

Prof. Dr. Ani Mardiastuti

Lecturer, Department of Forest Resources, Conservation and Ecotourism, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Currently lecturing at Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Mardiastuti received her PhD in wildlife biology and management from Michigan State University in 1992. She has served as Chairperson of the Board of Burung Indonesia (BirdLife Indonesia) since 2003. Prof. Dr. Mardiastuti works closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences), and many NGOs in various matters related to the environment, wildlife conservation, and wildlife trade and law enforcement in Indonesia.

Prof. Dr. Ani Mardiastuti served as an International Jury member since the 2016 edition.